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== <span lang="en" dir="ltr" class="mw-content-ltr">Movement Strategy and Governance News – Issue 6</span> ==
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<span style="font-size:200%;">'''Movement Strategy and Governance News'''</span><br>
<span style="font-size:120%; color:#404040;">'''Issue 6, April 2022'''</span><span style="font-size:120%; float:right;">[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6|'''Read the full newsletter''']]</span>
Welcome to the sixth issue of Movement Strategy and Governance News! This revamped newsletter distributes relevant news and events about the Movement Charter, Universal Code of Conduct, Movement Strategy Implementation grants, Board of trustees elections and other relevant MSG topics.
This Newsletter will be distributed quarterly, while the more frequent Updates will also be delivered weekly. Please remember to subscribe [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Global message delivery/Targets/MSG Newsletter Subscription|here]] if you would like to receive future issues of this newsletter.
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*'''Leadership Development -''' A Working Group is Forming! - The application to join the Leadership Development Working Group closed on April 10th, 2022, and up to 12 community members will be selected to participate in the working group. ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A1|continue reading]])
*'''Universal Code of Conduct Ratification Results are out! -''' The global decision process on the enforcement of the UCoC via SecurePoll was held from 7 to 21 March. Over 2,300 eligible voters from at least 128 different home projects submitted their opinions and comments. ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A2|continue reading]])
*'''Movement Discussions on Hubs -''' The Global Conversation event on Regional and Thematic Hubs was held on Saturday, March 12, and was attended by 84 diverse Wikimedians from across the movement. ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A3|continue reading]])
*'''Movement Strategy Grants Remain Open! -''' Since the start of the year, six proposals with a total value of about $80,000 USD have been approved. Do you have a movement strategy project idea? Reach out to us! ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A4|continue reading]])
*'''The Movement Charter Drafting Committee is All Set! -''' The Committee of fifteen members which was elected in October 2021, has agreed on the essential values and methods for its work, and has started to create the outline of the Movement Charter draft. ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A5|continue reading]])
*'''Introducing Movement Strategy Weekly -''' Contribute and Subscribe! - The MSG team have just launched the updates portal, which is connected to the various Movement Strategy pages on Meta-wiki. Subscriber to get up-to-date news about the various ongoing projects. ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A6|continue reading]])
*'''Diff Blogs -''' Check out the most recent publications about Movement Strategy on Wikimedia Diff. ([[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Movement Strategy and Governance/Newsletter/6#A7|continue reading]])
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Also, a draft of the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2022-2023/draft|'''2022-23 Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan''']] has been published. Input is being sought on-wiki and during [[:m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2022-2023/Conversations|'''several conversations''' with Wikimedia Foundation CEO Maryana Iskander]].
[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation Annual Plan/2022-2023/Conversations/Announcement|See full announcement on Meta-wiki]]. [[User:Xeno (WMF)|Xeno (WMF)]] 03:45, 22. april 2022 (CEST)
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